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So my dear, here we are again,
YOU relized your erros,
YOU know SHE was wrong for YOU.

So YOU came crawling back,
YOU wanted to be MINE again.
But why should I take YOU back?
why should I sew YOU up and make YOU whole again?
YOU dont deserve it and we both know it.

But yet when your beautiful blue/greay eyes look up at me,
and I can look deep into your soul,
I know your sorry,
and I want to hold you and say it will be ok.

But then I think twice,
and I know it woulnt be ok,
it will NEVER be ok.

YOU have caused me so many tears,
YOU have made ME suffer so much pain,
I will never create a heart for anyone ever again.
And the hole where my heart used to be will always burn and bleed,
and I will never forget how much it hurt,
to see YOU with HER.

It cut like a knife,
It stung like a needle,
It burned like a fire,
and it ate away at me like the most corossive acid.

YOU swear SHE was a mistake,
the biggest one of your life,
I am much better than HER you say,

So why...
why didnt YOU see that before,
why did YOU choose HER first,
why if I am SO much better,
could you not see it earlier?

Before I cried,
Before my heart bleed,
Before I doubted my whole existance.

So here we are again,
YOU are looking up at ME with your beautiful blue/greay eyes,
and your soft inviting soul,
and Its making ME feel again

But YOU dont deserve MY love.

I want to make YOU cry
I want to make YOU hurt,
I want to make YOU smile
I want to make YOU be forever happy,
like I never could,
or ever can

So why dont YOU tell ME,
I can see in your eyes you care,
you care so very much,
so YOU tell ME...

Do YOU deserve MY love?


Artist | Hobbyist
United States
I am a 100% otaku and love to draw pics related to animes. I also like creating my own caritors and creatures ranging from humans to wierd creature and original caritors.

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